Corporate Incentive/Corporate Groups:  The corporate needs are global and time-sensitive.  Understanding their needs and offering the needful service is a different challenge altogether.  We have a roster of packages, places to visit, experiences to savour for the much-needed recreation of the team.  Be it your Annual Meetings, Anniversaries, Incentive Events and Seminars, we execute to match your expectations.  It’s a mix of Luxury, Convenience and Sophistication to say the least.  Serving corporate companies for years has helped us see their needs far before they brief us.  From selection of Exotic Resorts, Activities, Convention Halls and Leisure & Adventure, to providing Mouth-Watering Cuisine of your choice, we’re always there for you.  We offer our most invaluable time for your team so that they embark on a renewal with their inner soul.  So, give us a call and see your team come back fully rejuvenated, relaxed and motivated team players….Don’t forget to give us a Thumbs Up on that.