Our subsidiary organisation, Idea Works Motion Pictures’ core capability is to fully support the end to end production of movies, television shows, music videos, press meets, audio launches, commercial photography and so on. As a part of our wider responsibilities, we enable production units to seamlessly execute film sequences at overseas destinations.

Location Scouting

Movies nowadays are a visual treat and in order to wow the new age audience, we at Idea Works Motion Pictures are on the constant lookout for the most exotic and unexplored locations across the globe. We help our production units with the destination selection and finalisation process. The locations could range from the most pristine islands to the remotest of villages or the most sophisticated high rise buildings to the vast and unspoilt expanses of the grasslands

Logistics and Permissions

Logistics being the backbone of a filming unit, we play a key role in mobilising shoots at international locations Which includes:

  • Passport and visa coordination
  • Flights and airport coordination
  • Hotels and F & B
  • Film unit coordination
  • Local line producer coordination
  • Local transport and local vehicle rentals

Respecting the law of the land is key and to that effect we help with securing permission to shoot from local authorities, acquiring local talent for shoots and guide services.


We add a personal touch to each project we undertake right from securing the best flight routes, the lowest and best fares to round the clock availability of our tour coordinator to provide hands on support through the entire filming process