Be a part of the 16-day beer festival at Munich, popularly known as the Oktoberfest that attracts millions of thirsty travelers from across the globe. This Bavarian Festival goes way back to the 19th Century and has evolved and grown over the centuries. You not only have a chance to guzzle all day long, but also game, visit side stalls, amusement rides and try their traditional food. If you love dancing the night away, the Tomorrowland festival, held in Belgium offers one of the best electronic music. With the likes of Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Like Mike and Steve Aoki on the deck, its not tough to imagine that the tickets sell out in a matter days. Call us to make an enquiry and we will make your travel arrangements. When you hear the name Ibiza, you imagine beaches, clubs, parties and exotic beverages. That is exactly right! With a reputation that preceeds itself and one that is unmatched by any other destination in
the world, Ibiza offers a partying traveller, tons of options right from dancing at the worlds most famous clubs to partying on a boat with friends as the sun sets. The Party destination list isn’t complete without Miami Beach on it.
From plush lounges and poolside parties to beach parties. Get sucked into a messy affair called La Tomatina and feel the thrill of participating in a tomato flght festival Ditch the usual itinerary when you fly to Thailand and follow the
footsteps in the sand leading to the Full Moon Party that goes on till the break of dawn