Casino holidays

Visit the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas that has the reputation for being the best destination to enjoy its casino culture and vibrant and energetic live shows. Gamble with the high rollers of the world at the Vegas of Europe, Monte Carlo where you can enjoy a day out at the beach or walk the F1Circuit or catch the Grand Prix itself if you are in luck. A trip to Sun City South Africa will leave you spoilt for choice and you may end up spending days together at this complex. Whether you want to enjoy a spot of gambling and partying all night long with friends or taking off on a wildlife safari or enjoying the entire day at the water park with the kids or golfing, this place has it all!
High stakes, parties, glitz, glamour and old world charm when combined gives you Macau. With its reputation for being ‘The Destination’ in East for where you can find the best BlackJack tables especially for beginners, it is just the holiday for you.

Golfing vacations

Golf at one of America’s best Resorts that has played host to some of the most prestigious golfing events since 1951. Head to the spa and get a relaxing massage or use the fitness centre and play any sport under the sun. Scotland offers a lot more than breathtaking valleys, old towns, kilts and bagpipes. Take your golfing goals to another level in the land described by avid golfers as golfing nirvana. Pamper yourself in a luxurious spa, dine at a wonderful restaurant or sample the hundreds of malt whiskeys available. Whisk your family away to some of the best golfing resorts in China specially designed for family time. Take golfing lessons, go to the spa, have a delicious meal or laze in a mineral pool and make it a memorable experience.


Leave behind all your past travel experiences and traverse terrains like never before. Stimulate your senses, be inspired and let nothing compromise the quality of the experience. Know limitless luxury at ski lodges and spice tasting and  lazing on secluded beaches or on a yacht that give you the feeling of being the only person in the world. Redefining camping in the wild – no compromises on comfort Feel like the only one on the planet at secluded, serene and pristine magical getaway